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07 Mar, 18
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That's exactly how works! Offered by the national av labor company, Immediate Connections, Inc., a "Full Service" labor broker with thousands of vetted and qualified av technicians, available anywhere in the U.S. at any time. The "Full Service" process means you can call in an order to any of their offices and they will find the best techs for your needs, book them, handle payroll, insurance and coordinate them on site.  A literal turnkey operation for any lighting, audio, video, projection, carpentry or utility needs for an entire event. For this Immediate Connections charges a reasonable fee for handling all those details for you. Truly "Full Service."


IC's new, "Self-Service" option, HIREMEDIRECT.COM puts you in complete control of choosing and hiring your crews.  Patty McGoldrick, president of Immediate Connections and a division of IC is presenting an option here that, heretofore, has never existed in the industry. YOU pick the crew you want, and they are still under the IC employee umbrella.  You can still have confidence in performance and integrity. If you are working on a tour, you can literally pick your techs all over the country from the database.  Think of the savings of not having to pay all the administrative costs and still getting the same great crew.  Pump your own – save big!


We did a job the other day (3) Camera Operators for (5) 1/2 day shifts through IC. I charged $375 per shift and I won't disclose what I paid but the client could have gone to and got the same quality of guys and offered them $225 per shift for a total of $1125, multiply that by payroll @1.24% and that equals $1395 + $25 dollars a shift that HMD charges and that totals $1520 per technician. For 3 professional Camera Operators through HMD you pay $4560. What you paid Immediate Connections, and we worked for it was $5625 a difference of $1065. You could have saved over $1000 dollars if you booked the technicians through the website. It is that simple to save thousands on booking a crew on-line.


You control what you offer for pay in your budget. You make an offer and the freelancer either accepts your offer or denies the offer. They can come back with a counter if they want and you can make a deal if that is what you want to do. If not, you can make the offer to as many capable freelancers with that job code as you like. The first one to accept at your terms gets the job. Everyone is happy!! Freelancers get paid what they want because you offer excellent pay going "Self-Service" without a middle man; you save thousands on your labor costs that will show significantly on your bottom line!


It's a win-win, so get going doing business on-line in the “gig economy” way.

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