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01 Jan, 18
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Booking Audio Visual Expert Staff in 2018- LiveEvents produced by talented AV Techs



So, 2017 was a good year. We definitely got advance notice from our av clients this year as we all agreed we would back in the beginning of 2017 from my article "Why do you wait to book your av crew". We promised to do better at our job and you promised to get better and give us more notice on upcoming work. Well we all benefited by those commitments! It was great to book our av technicians 2 weeks out. What a pleasure... however I did have to turn work away this year. The first year ever that I couldn't take all the jobs that came into the company. I felt bad but I had no choice. Some were regular clients but there was not enough time or technicians in the middle of October.
We got a flurry of business from PSAV at the hotels in Boston in November and that was just wonderful! They got candy! Yup, candy for Christmas... We did so many small and large shows but just to preview a few of the larger ones, we did parts of Volvo for Multi-Image Group in the bowels of VA, (love those guys, real pros), we did Experimental Biology in DC with Atlantic Images, we did a huge show for Creative Technologies in Boston with Ken Maas who knows his stuff and demands perfection! We did lots of work with Marshall Media, these guys are really great to work with as well. They always give us enough time to book their work. We worked our first job with FNTECH our of California this year and talk about professional stagers. These guys had everything put together and practically in the can before they even got to the venue. The show was smooth as butter... The technicians really enjoyed working with them and their lead technicians said our guys were the best out of all the cities they had been to over the 2 years they had been doing the show. Pretty cool to hear that... I was there for that comment and actually facilitated the conversation of course... I wanted to know how we were doing because the crew call was intense! There are so many great clients like On Services, Bluewater Technologies, Alford Media, Bungalow Scenic, Aria, Worldstage, Harvard, BU and MIT Universities, Solid State Designs and I could go on and on but I can't. If I missed you I will catch you on the next post!
All and all we did a great job providing you with excellent qualified technicians as we promise to do ... As you all know by now I had the honor of being selected by Infocomm aka AVIXA as the honorary "2017 Women in AV" and received the award for that designation. I had my 15 minutes of fame for sure. Thank you for recognizing it on LinkedIn with a re-post of a Press Release we wrote just after the award ceremony but I decided to post it again and as of today I have 4900 hits. Just crazy...
There is some news I haven't shared with you yet and that is we have opened an Installation Division! It has been on my bucket list forever... It is very exciting! Robyn Webb CTS is heading it up as the Director. With 35 years in the business he has earned the right to take charge of this area of my business. He knows everyone and everyone knows him from his work. He has been busy for the last 6 months recruiting and vetting technicians and booking jobs around the country. It seems to be an instant success. We are hoping to secure some nice commitments from some serious clients very soon.
Thank you once again for your business, friendship and your comradery on all the projects that came through here this year! If it weren't for the friendships developed with all of you over the years it just wouldn't be the same enjoyment I get out of working with you! Happy New Year!
Patty McGoldrick
617 755-7247
Immediate Connections, Inc.



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