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06 Aug, 17
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Invest in the Best - Why Hiring Experts Is Worth Every Dime

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint-hearted. It feels like I'm working as hard as I did when I first opened my business in 1986! I’m still working 80-90 hours a week which, however exhausting, is a good sign; it means the recession is finally over and also (at least in the AV Labor industry) the shake down of the "price-only cares” seem to be on a downward spiral. Believe me, it has not been pretty waiting for this to happen! It has taken everything I have had to give to hang on for all these years. When sales were down $1 million from 2009 to 2016 it was pretty scary. But I kept it together for my family, my employees, my clients and ALL OF YOU! Yes, I did!

I put the survival of the business down to several key strengths I’ve honed over the years.

  1. Invest in The Best - I hired a great National Sales Manager, Lorri O'Brien from York Beach Maine. I remember saying to my Business Manager that the only way to get someone really good is through a referral so I posted an ad on Facebook of all places before I went anywhere else. And lo and behold, I found Lorri. She was the only one that applied and the only one I hired! Can you believe it? Facebook, priceless!
    Lorri’s skills, sales knowledge, experience and productivity is an enormous help to me and my business plus she has all the formal education that the job requires. I just can't say enough good things about her plus I truly believe she was Heaven-sent.
    God has played a huge part in sending incredible employees my way. Most of my employees have been with me for more than 15 years and some even longer. I'm a small business with 11 full timers. There is absolutely an intervention here! I am not only blessed but very lucky.
  1. Know Your Limitations – Another key contributor to my success is always knowing I should hire people better than me and that complement both my personality and my skillset. Lorri is just one of many.
  1. Trust Your Gut – It was during the recession that I started working on an AV freelance staffing platform called It took a long time and several iterations before I got it up and running but I just knew it had the potential to be a great success for the Live Events Industry.
    I took both sides of the equation – the Live Event AV Stagers and the Live Event Freelancers – and combined them in a platform that leverages the strengths of each. There’s no middleman which keeps the cost for the buyer down PLUS the technicians are on payroll AND covered by Workers' Compensation so there’s no need for buyers to concern themselves with correct classification of workers. No more 1099's or W2's for buyers to deal with... just book them and we will take care of the rest!
  1. Stick with It – It’s been no small feat getting this site up and running; we’ve redesigned it three times and the back-end twice and we’re still working to improve the performance for buyers. Even now, we’re improving the user interface; we’re adding a map of the U.S. which will make the experience much easier. You will now be able to find and select freelancers in the same vicinity as your gig. It is all very exciting!
  1. Never Stop Learning - the excitement never stops! I am learning about SEO products and services and we are now members of HubSpot which is already making headway and getting on the map. Knowing about these tools is not just exciting but it’s exactly what the "Gig Economy" is all about.

I’m not saying we’re there yet. Every day I go into the office I face another challenge but when I get great feedback from a client or 100+ liked on a LinkedIn post it’s all worth it. Plus we get to share the great feedback with the entire company and let the crew know what the client thought about both us as a company and them individually. It makes us all proud.

Running your own company takes blood, sweat and tears but hiring professionals to help you through the tough times and give you excellent business advice when you need it is essential. It’s what I’d tell anyone wanting to go into business for themselves: Hire experts when you need the help! They are worth every dime!

I’ve been as entrepreneur for 31 years. It’s tremendously satisfying but exhausting! I'm writing this article from my home in York, Maine where I come to rest and recharge. I need all my energy to keep going! I hope you all have a place to go to rest up as well. Thanks for reading!

Patty McGoldrick

Founder Immediate Connections, Inc. and

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