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09 Aug, 17
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The AV Industry and Independent Contractors

AV Industry & Independent Contractors

LikeAV Industry & Independent Contractors

Patty McGoldrick
Audio Visual Staffing Expert with over 31 years of experience

I reviewed a post from the American Staffing Association that someone posted to an Audio Visual group on LinkedIn regarding employment taxes.  The AV industry best wake up to this issue or you will eventually pay. I am seeing small changes in the industry but I am constantly seeing companies not wanting to pay the employment taxes that employees bring with them if hired and classified as an employee versus an Independent Contractor. I'm seeing and reading about those same "freelancers" deciding one day they don't like being a contractor and they are suing for back overtime wages since they didn't get paid overtime because they were classified as an Independent Contractor. I see freelancers that work 70 regular hours before they get any overtime. They work 7 days in a row on a day rate with OT after 10 hours. They are missing hundreds of dollars in overtime pay on 30 hours.. Watch out for that too! Not only do you need to watch out for the IRS/DOL crackdown but the people you hire as well.. No one is safe!

It is not all that bad to reclassify people as employees. As a matter of fact, it is your responsibility as an employer to do the right thing by the person. They will be able to collect unemployment when this industry dies as we all know it does from time to time. This is a benefit they are entitled to. We are so lucky to have these freelancers in our industry as we could not function without them.

This is a tax on businesses and we are in business. We need to pay our taxes! There are true Independent Contractors in our industry, of course there is. You just can't have all freelancers be Independents. They just don't qualify, no matter how you cut it. Some should be employees period! There is a law now in California that makes it the responsibility of the buyer hiring a temp agency to make sure they are treating the temps they get are on payroll and covered by Workers" Compensation. It's a one of kind law!

The problem is that the government isn't getting taxes from the employers or the Independents in a lot of cases. That is income for the government. That is what the crackdown is all about. They want their income. They are entitled to it as well. Just like us, what if you didn't get paid by 1/3rd of your clients. You wouldn't be in business very long. We expect to be paid for our business transactions and so does the government. Its time we grow up in this industry. Time to pay taxes on our employees. Time to stop sweating an audit and get those people on payroll. There are a myriad of ways to do it. Please feel free to contact me for more information on this subject.

Contact me for more information on this or any questions you may have on the subject. My email is

Patty McGoldrick

617 755-7247

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