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22 Aug, 16
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Price is it these days... they told me to my face!

posted in overtime by Patty McGoldrick

My Boston staff sent out an Estimate the other day for (2) av technicians to work in Boston for a total of 6 days in a row.  Well, the job went into overtime because they would be working over 40 hours in a week.  My staff actually built in the overtime so we would eat it in the 2nd Estimate and not charge for it because they knew the client didn't like to see it.  Well, we lost the job.

I was very upset we lost that easy, simple job.  So, I tried calling the client, they didn't pick up the phone for me.  I emailed them and in my comments I said in capital letters, please talk to me about our Estimate, I need to know what happened...  Well, they called me back and said I will talk to you tomorrow.  That was great because I pleaded with them, one to find out what really happened and 2 to find out who we lost the job to.

The next day came, I called, had the Estimates in my hand and they explained about the overtime on the first one and then the built in overtime on the 2nd one.  She did not want to pay overtime period!  I explained how we follow the laws and we also treat our av technicians as employees and withhold taxes and pay all of the deductions because there are laws we have to tolerate.  They flat out said I don't care at all about that.  I could care less, I care about the price and the other company gave me a day rate price without any overtime at all, of such and such!  I added it up quickly and I said it was only a $100-dollar difference and we take care of the freelancers because we do payroll and we protect you because we are the employer of record, etc.  She said I don't care what you do for the freelancers I care about price and that is it!  Well, I got an attitude and before I told her never to call us again I had to hang up quickly.  So I did figure out a way to get off the phone without saying something I would regret I hung up and I cried! 

I have been in business 30 years in 2016 and have run an ethical legal business since and it seems most of our clients don't care anymore the way we operate because there are so many av labor companies that are treating freelancers as Independent Contractors out there.  It creates and incredible unfair competitive edge.  It is almost impossible to get anywhere these days.  I'm getting older and at some point I will leave and retire. I hope to make a change in the industry as I have a secret weapon ready to hit the industry that may change things altogether.  And it may not...  I hope to get out on a high point and there is a very good chance of that!  Please just wish good things for me and my company...  Thanks for reading!  

Patty McGoldrick

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