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    We started HireMeDirect.com to keep both Buyers and Freelancers happy. In essence, we've eliminated the middleman which reduces the costs associated with hiring you. It is a win-win for all of us. You're happy because the Buyer can pay you more; the Buyer is happy because by putting the team together himself or herself, It costs them less and you nothing; just 15-minutes of your time to fill out your profile.

    Unless you qualify as a true Independent Contractor, you will be treated as an employee of the Immediate Connections, Inc and HireMeDirect.com is a division of IC.. You will be paid the amount agreed between you and the Buyer at the time of hiring. HireMeDirect.com pays payroll on a weekly basis. If you work on a Saturday, the last day of the payroll week, you will receive a check the following Friday. Yup, we do direct deposit too! As long as you're employed by us, you can count on us to take very good care of you. You can even ask some of your own clients to book you through this service so you get paid quicker. Your taxes are taken out at source, you can collect unemployment when business gets slow, you get paid for sick time, there are lots of discounts offered by our Payroll company on things like rental cars, movies etc., PLUS Immediate Connections provides access to a 401K & Profit Sharing plan for its employees. Benefits you would NEVER be offered as a contractor!

    When a Buyer needs an av technician or a video camera operator, they will enter a job into the HireMeDirect.com portal and fund it. They then enter the criteria they need, such as the skillset they're looking for, when the gig is and where it is. With the information entered, our database will pull up all the profiles that match. If your profile is listed and you're chosen, you will be alerted to the job offer via text message and asked to log into your account. Here you get to look at the job details and pay rate. If you're happy with the offer, simply hit the button to accept it and you are booked! If you are busy, select deny. It really is that easy! We do ask you to please DENY each offer, respond even if you are not available for the job. It's critical the Buyer knows you're responsive so he will call you again the next time he's looking. (Not to mention, it gives the site credibility!)

    You can update your profile as often as you wish. If you have a new skill, make sure you update your Technical Evaluation. If you get your CTS or any other certifications add them into the special skills on the front page of your profile. This is YOUR business profile. Attract Buyers by shining brightly off the page! 

    When you get hired  for the first time, you can (and should) read our Employee Handbook on our payroll site thoroughly. It has everything you need to know about working for HireMeDirect.com and Immediate Connections.  Please contact the office the first time you are hired since we need to complete paperwork in order to get you paid on time.  We only ask that you put in an honest day's work, practice ethical behavior and treat everyone, be they your colleagues, the company or the Buyers, in the same way you would wish to be treated.

    This site is not a job board so you will not see open jobs posted here. Maybe when business gets so busy we'll start posting jobs. We have big plans to make this the best AV freelancer site out there. But wherever this takes us, I know it will be a really fun ride. So, hop on-board!

    Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you on our show sites soon! 


    Patricia McGoldrick


    Office: (617) 681-1312   |   Cell: (617) 755-7247

    www.HireMeDirect.com is a division of Immediate Connections, Inc.



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    "Trust Is The Key To Long Term Success" Jim Burke - Former CEO Johnson & Johnson

    We ask that you do not give out your personal information to our Buyers. You have access on our site via email but we do not want you to give them your direct phone numbers. We ask our Buyers not to contact you directly for work outside our site for 2 years from the initial introduction. We have spent a lot of money on this site and we've invested thousands of hours in screening technicians to be included on the site. Given we only make $25 dollars per shift, we expect a commitment of 2 years to Buyers booking you only through HireMeDirect.com. Please respect our business relationship with our Buyers. We encourage you to promote yourself while on job sites and by all means ask the Buyer if he will be coming back soon; just let us know and we will follow up with them. If a Buyer asks you to travel, we will allow that and we'll take care of the arrangements, if necessary, but again, we ask that you do NOT make your own deals outside of HireMeDirect.com with our Buyers. We also make recommendations to the Buyers should they need a tech in a particular  area or with a special skill, so it is important to get to know us as well. This is an industry built on forging trusted relationships. Once again, don't forget to answer every invite you get