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Proud Advocates of the AV Staffing Industry Since 1986.

For the last 30+ years our mission has been to provide our customers with a correctly classified and thoroughly vetted pool of AV freelance talent, ethical business practices and unmatched customer service.
 In so doing, we continue our commitment 
to advocate for the AV industry at large. 

Save Time & Money – We Handle all the Administrative Paperwork.

Save countless hours of your time and administrative expenses related to processing new employees, such as recruiting costs, training, payroll, Workers’ Compensation claims, checking references and making sure your workers get paid on time! Let us do all that work for you so you can concentrate on your show.

No More 1099s or W2s! Our AV Technicians are on Our Payroll for Your Protection.  

We take care of business by keeping all of our employees on W2’s to ensure that payroll taxes, Workers’ Compensation and all other potential tax or benefit obligations are fulfilled on your behalf. Trust us — not just because we have 30+ years of experience, but because we do business by the book! 

Integrated Messaging Keeps You Connected.

The HireMeDirect site handles all job-related communication via an internal email system – no need for outside email, phone or text messages. 

A Trusted Reputation with Both our Buyers and our Freelancers. 

With all our years of experience in vetting and scheduling Audiovisual & IT technicians for events, conventions, tours, and conferences nationwide, we have proved our value and trustworthiness to our clients and freelancers. The slew of repeat business and client testimonials are proof of our passion for the industry we serve.  

Nationwide Access to Freelance AV Professionals Anywhere in the U.S. 

Find AV technicians with the skills you want and in the locations where your gigs are. Access our large database of freelance professionals around the country, We have over 150 types of technical job codes in our database and cover every major metropolitan area in the U.S.

Vetted Database – Our On-Demand AV Talent is Rated by You After Every Job. 

HireMeDirect's quality control starts when a freelancer is screened for inclusion in our database. Each freelancer must submit a resume, provide references as well as fill out a Technical Proficiency Evaluation. Our online rating systems provides a quick visual of each technician, their experience and the quality of their work.  

Outstanding Support – Our Self-Service Portal is Easy to Use But if You Need Any Help...

Call us on +1-617-681-1315 or send us a message.

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