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Patty McGoldrick - InfoComm's 2017 Women in AV Award Recipient 

Every year, Infocomm International appoints Annual AV Awards to professionals across the global AV industry who are working hard at creating positive impacts to the AV World.




Welcome To Hire Me Direct

After 30+ years in the AV Staffing business we decided to develop a platform so you can access and hire trusted AV & IT labor quickly, securely and cost effectively yourself! As the "Gig Economy" grows, it made sense to us to provide a Do-It-Yourself version of what we've done for our clients for decades! We charge a small per transaction fee of $25 but leave the rest to you. You choose and negotiate a fee with the technician and they show up wherever your gig is. Each one of our freelancers receives a W2 for wages paid throughout the year. They are experienced, insured and paid by us weekly! By eliminating the middleman, we have brought the cost of service down for you!

Hire Me Direct's mission is to provide our online customers with a correctly classified and thoroughly vetted pool of AV freelance talent, ethical business practices and unmatched customer service. 
In so doing, we continue our commitment 
to advocate for the AV industry at large.




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