Frequently Asked Questions

How do you vet your AV technicians?

After 31 years of business we have a large pool of resources to access quality technicians. After a new profile is filled out we thoroughly examine resume, and validate education and references. We do a full interview to be sure that the technician meets our high standards. The interesting thing is that freelancers and buyers can be one in the same.

Who Establishes the Freelancer Rates?

Buyers establish the rates they would like to pay for each position. The offer for work is extended to the freelancer and then they will either accept or deny the offer from the buyer. Freelancers setup their desired rate in their profile screen.

What is considered an optimal Freelancer Profile?

Frelancers should put as many positions as allowed so you can get more work to match your skills, additionally Freelancers should have a photo with their profile.

Do you handle all payments to freelancer and year end tax information?

Yes, all freelancers are on our company’s payroll system and year end tax information is sent out to all freelancers.

Does the buyer approve payment for freelancers after every job?

Yes, the buyer reviews freelancers hours for every job and approves all hours, ratings, and payment.

Does your company have Workers Compensation insurance for workers?

Yes, all freelancers are covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Can Travel Arrangements be Made for the Freelancers?
Yes ,with an added fee of 25% of travel charges.
How Do Credits And Refunds Work?
When the job is over and you are owed money for any reason you will see a Red Refund Button that will appear on the Final Screen showing Amount Paid, Cost and Balance.  If you have a credit balance select that Refund button and the amount showing will be automatically credited back to your credit card.  
What If I Have a Dispute With a Technician?
You can file a dispute within 48 hours after the job ends.  To do so, click on “Contact Us” and complete all the information requested relating to the dispute. Hiremedirect.com will look into this dispute and come up with a decision once we have all the facts.

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