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    We actively recruit freelance AV technicians year round, nationwide. If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your name and email and you will be directed to our platform where you will create a login and a profile. Please provide a thorough profile using the instructions to showcase your skills along with a photo.
    The more information the buyer can see, the sooner you will be hired!

    The freelance Live Event technicians we need have these skills or more and a minimum of three years of experience is required for all positions. listed in your profile.

    • AV Specialists
    • Audio Engineers
    • Video Camera Operators
    • Video Engineers
    • Video Projectionists
    • Audio A2s
    • Teleprompter Operators
    • IT Technicians
    • L1's and L2
    • Utility Technicians



    1. Remember your profile is for public viewing and you are selling your expert services to buyers looking for those same services. 

    2. This is your opportunity to find work by keeping your profile up-to-date and answering the jobs you are offered. Even if you are booked you need to respond so they will call you again!

    3. Buyers have a choice between you and other freelancers so be sure to read the instructions carefully so you don't miss anything in filling out the profile.

    4. When buyers enter the information about their show into the Hire Me Direct system they will:

    - Determine the rate they are going to offer for that position and fund the job. Remember, the pay-rates are between you and the buyer; there is no middle-man in the equation.

    - Choose freelancers via the profiles that come up based on the Job Category and in the area they need you in.  PLEASE LIST ONLY LOCAL METRO AREAS as all jobs Buyers are looking for local Live Event Pros to work in and around your home town.  Do not put in New York CIty as a Metro if you live in Orlando!

    - They will view your profile and other freelancers' before deciding on who they want to make an offer to.  They can offer the position to multiple technicians so sometimes it is the first to accept gets the job!  Don't waste time responding to an offer! 

    5. If you get an offer for work you will get a text message that you have been offered a job on HMD’s platform. (Do not reply to the text message because that only goes to the admin at HMD and not to the buyer.)

    6. You will need to sign into your account to view the offer and to either accept or deny the job. Please respond on all offers as it shows we only have true professionals in our database.

    7. After the job, you will need to log into the site and enter your confirmed hours. The buyer will approve them, rate your performance, approve the payment and you will get paid one week later. It is simple as that!  Please note for first time jobs you may need to fill out paperwork related to payroll so it is critical to contact HMD to arrange to get that paperwork so you can get paid on time. 



    Click Here to Read Patty McGoldrick's Letter to Freelancers!

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